4. Fogging Machine 80W

Installation: Internal Threaded Connection
Liquid Contained: Medicine, Disinfector
Spraying Shape: Sector
Volume: >500ml
Power Supply: Engine
Technics: Self-Adhesive Label


Product Description

This machine is according to the principle of aerospace engine technology, the use of maintenance free pulse engine, machine work without any rotating parts and between parts and no wear, no need of lubrication. Therefore, simple maintenance, long service life. In addition, low fuel consumption, high work efficiency is to spray pesticides, epidemic prevention and disinfection of high technology products.Mist sprayer can be widely used for crops, economic trees, cotton, greenhouse crops, spraying pesticides, as well as warehouses, docks, military camp, city sewer, farms, passenger cars, residential areas, urban sanitation disinfection, insecticide, sterilization.

The range of application for Mist fog machine

1. Orchard, all kinds of fruit trees: apples, citrus, red dates, pear trees, cherries, walnuts, litchis, longans, peach trees, grapes, etc …
2. Fields, crops: cotton, corn, wheat, soybeans, rice, tobacco, strawberries, tea, etc …
3. Vegetables, greenhouses: cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, eggplants, beans, greens, etc …
4. Seedlings and greening gardens: spraying foliar fertilizer on nursery seedlings, preventing and controlling bamboo forest diseases, spraying mist from tall trees, etc …
5. Disinfection and epidemic prevention in farms: disinfection and sterilization of chickens, pigs, cattle, sheep, and various livestock breeding sites, and spraying of epidemic prevention and control
6. Epidemic prevention and disinfection in various places: hospitals, communities, rural areas, warehouses, urban sewers, anti-mosquito and fly hygiene and epidemic prevention …


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