Hand Sprayer

15L Backpack Sprayer

Model: NS-15B

15l agriculture backpack sprayer

net.weight(kg): 4.0kgpiece

package dimension: 35x21x52cm

air chamber capacity: 1.0l

max.pressure: 1.0mpa

working pressure: 0.1-0.4mpa

medical chest capacity: 15l

16L Hand Sprayer

Model: NS-16A

supplier of 16l sprayer, 16 litre sprayer, agricultural sprayer in china.

model : ns-16a

net.weight(kg)  : 3.4kgpiece

package dimension: 39×18.5x57cm

air chamber capacity : 0.90l

max.pressure: 1.0mpa

lance length : 65cm

hose length: 120cm

carring strap: 100cmx4cmx2

medical chest capacity: 16l

16L Hand Sprayer

Model: FM-16

knapsack hand sprayer model: fm-16

tank capacity: 16l

air chamber capacity : 0.9l

working pressure : 0.2-0.3mpa

max perssure : 1.0mpa

net.weight(kg): 3.4kg

dimension lxwxh(cm): 36.5x20x53.5

Hand Sprayer(NS-3)

Model: NS-3

dimension(mm): dia.=170mm,heigh=450mm

net weight(kg): 1.38kgs

rated filling capacity: 3 ltrs

total tank capacity: 5 ltrs

max.working pressure(bar): 3.0 bar

max.working temperatrue(+ºc ): 40ºc

nozzle: 1mm hollow coni, cal nozzle,0-60?

dimension lxwxh(cm): 72x36x478pcsctn

Agricultural Sprayer NS-18/20

Agricultural Sprayer Model: NS-1820
Tank Capacity: 20l
Air Chamber Capacity: 0.9l
Working Pressure: 0.2-0.3mpa
Max.Pressure: 1.0mpa
Net Weight: (kg) 3.5kg
Dimension: lxwxh(cm) 36×21.5×57.5

Hand Sprayer NS-8/10

Model: NS-8/10
Dimension(mm): dia.=200mm,heigh=600mm
Net weight(kg): 2.1kgs
Rated filling capacity: 8 ltrs
Total tank capacity: 10 ltrs
Max.working pressure(bar): 3.0 bar
Max.working temperatrue(+ºc ): 40ºc
Nozzle: 1mm hollow coni
Cal nozzle,: 0-60?
Dimension: lxwxh(cm) 81x41x618pcsctn

Hand Sprayer NS-12

model: ns-12
tank capacity: 12l
air chamber capacity: 0.7l
working pressure: 0.2-0.3mpa
max.pressure: 1.0mpa
net weight: (kg) 3.2
dimension: lxwxh(cm) 36×18.5×52.5

Hudson Vim Poly Sprayer

Model: 714211/714411/714311

¦heavy-duty poly tanks
¦long, non-kinking hose
¦bright, nickel-plated wand and nozzle
¦big funnel top for easy, no-spill filling
¦powerful, highly efficient pump for less work
¦padded pump handle
¦tank-mounted pressure release valve
¦carrying strap

Poly Suprema BAK-PAK Sprayer

Model: 712201
designed perfectly for agricultures application with outstanding features

■ superior resistance to rust and corrosion of agriculture insecticide and herbicide.
■ the easiest and most convenient way to spray larger amounts with less labor and shorter time.
■ high-efficiency and powerful poly piston pump builds up high pressure with easy stroke.