Common Questions

Do you deliver products outside CTG & Dhaka?
Absolutely YES. Our most of customers are outside ofCTG & Dhaka. We cover mostly all major cities/locations of Bangladesh. Call us to ask about your city.
Do you sale on credit?
NO, we do not sale on credit, specially to new customers. No matter how big your order is.
What about the availability of parts of your imported products?
We are very responsible company and plan long term. We also import all the major parts of each product that may be needed by a customer. Send us an inquiry for your particular need.
Some people believe Chinese products' quality is low, what about your products?
This is misconception. China make products of all qualities. Its up to us what we buy. What matter most is the price and vendor. With 25+ years of import experience, we have established good relations with some quality vendors. So you can rely on our products quality. Our all dealers trust us because of this distinction.
What are your major products?
Our major domain is Agriculture Tools. We import Sprayers, Foggers, Tillers, Augers and Garden Tools. We continuously add new products into our offerings. The Products section contain the list of categories and products under each category.
How I can transfer payment?
When you place an order, we confirm the availability of your required products and their quantity. Then you send us payment into our bank before the goods are dispatched. Feel free to call us for more details.